6 Days Trekking Tour: The Bale Mountains

Duration: 5 Nights/6 Days

Tour Code: EAET 901 A

Over 60 mammal species and 260 bird species have been recorded in this region. As an area of natural beauty and ecological importance, visitors to the Bale Mountains will be treated to spectacular views, including old growth forests, alpine streams and waterfalls. The Bale Mountains are also special thanks to a series of Huts built by a German organization to increase Eco-tourism and reduce the mountain dweller’s dependence on forestry. The full circuit of trails can be done in five nights/ six days, but due to the proximity of the Huts, hikers can choose to visit as many Huts as they can. Below EAET has provided a sample itinerary.

Bale Mountain Hut-to-Hut Trek Itinerary Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Day 1: Arrival in Addis Ababa. Overnight Hotel

Day 2: Drive to Dodola (5 hrs), register with the Bale Mountain Guide Association and drive to Changeti Camp (2900m).Overnight Hut

Day 3: Trek from Changeti Camp to Wahoro Camp (3300m), this 3-4 hr hike gradually climbs in to the Afro-mooreland of the Bale Mountains. Overnight Hut

Day 4: Trek from Wahoro Camp to Angafu Camp (3460m), this 4-5 hr hike passes highland meadows and below rocky peaks of the Bale Mountains. The views are excellent and chances to see the endemic Mountain Niyala. Overnight Hut

Day 5: Trek from Angafu Camp to Adele (3300m), this 1-2 hr trek provides visitors with plenty of downtime to explore surrounding peaks and waterfalls. Overnight Hut

Day 6: Trek from Angafu Camp back to Changeti Camp (2900m), this 4-5 hr trek will complete the circuit and bring you back to the EAET vehicle and driver. Driving back to Addis Ababa and in the evening a farewell dinner party and departure will be waiting for you.

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