Hamar (also spelled as Hamer) are an Omotic community inhabiting southwestern Ethiopia. The Hamer are one of the most friendly tribes in the Omo Valley. They are known for their unique hair tresses of red clay and butter and beautifully beaded attire. They are largely pastoralists. So, their culture places a high value on cattle.

The Hamar are known for their unique custom of “bull jumping,”. Certainly, It initiates a boy into manhood. First of all, female relatives dance and invite whipping from men who have recently been initiated. This shows their support of the initiate. Also, their scars give them a right to demand his help in time of need. The boy must run back and forth twice across the backs of a row of bulls. If he fails, he will be ridiculed. Their festivals are very popular among tourist.The Bull jumping ceremony, signifying a boy coming of age and “Evangadi” dance feast and celebration.

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