Pottery making tour package


Duration: Nights/ Days

Tour Code: EAET901

Pottery making tour package

Before our planet reached to the current civilization time people had used to perform their activities by art crafts, hand tools made from iron and wood. Carving and containing equipment from clay, mud and wood. This has been history in ¾ of the earth. This shifted their place to science. But in some part of our country pottery work shop and other manual works still existing. Hence, EAET also offer pottery works tour service. Means, how pottery raw material collect, prepare, make, burn and reach to market.


Day 1: Visit how people collect raw materials or mixing water with clay.

Day 2: Visit (or make) how coffee pot, coffee cup, incense staffs… etc make and cover with grass for few clays.

Day 3: how the equipment burn with fire for resistivity and packed for marketing.

  • Note: The above program can be adjusted according to your time, Budget and interest.
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