Tigrai rock hewn churches

Tigrai rock hewn churches:

Tigrai rock hewn churches are found in northern part of Ethiopia, Tigray. The landscapes of northern Tigray are almost fairytale-like. The luminous light bathes scattered sharp peaks that rise high into the sky out of a sandy, rolling semi desert. The stratified plateaus, particularly between Dugem and Megab in the Gheralta region lead to inevitable comparisons with the USA’s desert Southwest. The 120-odd churches are as intriguing as the landscape is beautiful. It is Very different from the more famous monolithic churches of Lalibela.

Tigrai rock hewn churches are generally semi monolithic, partially separated from the host rock, or built into pre-existing caves. Most sit high a top cliff and the improbable perches add to their attraction. To approach these hidden galleries after a long sweaty and sometimes slightly scary slog makes for a very rewarding excursion. And beyond a few famous churches, you’ll likely get to explore on your own, even in the high senses Gheralta.

Gheralta is a dry plain with steep outcrops of cliffs and Table Mountains with very dramatic landscapes. But for most tourists, the main reason to come to the Gheralta region is for it’s about 35 churches, the largest concentration of cliff churches of Ethiopia. While Lalibela may be the place with the highest density of rock-hewn churches, the Tigray region has plenty more, most of them being much older, with more paintings, special architecture at remote locations.


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