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Let us guide you through this wonderful land of enchantment and history.  Ethiopia is majestic country is full of rich natural resources and ancient cultural traditions.  The land of “thirteen months of sunshine” is the birthplace of coffee.  The world’s oldest hominid “Lucy” was found resting in the rift valley.  The historical Ark of the Covenant is housed in the center of the ancient Axumite empire- Axum which is also the home of the legendary Queen of Sheba.

Ethiopia is a favorite destination for tourist.

Relax on a boat tour visiting the island monasteries of Bahir Dar’s Lake Tana the source of the Nile River.  Travel back in time visiting Africa’s Camelot in Gondar’s Fasiladas Castles.  Walk the narrow Muslim walled city of Harar known for a family who has been feeding hyena’s for generations.  Witness the monolithic stone churches of Lalibela known as the African Jerusalem.  Marvel at the prehistoric cave paintings of Dire Dawa.  Share a meal with locals in the Omo Valley who have been living off the life giving river for generations. Discover the 7 unique endemic animals in the Abyssinian Highlands.  Weather visiting RasDashen in the Simien Mountains or the Erta Ale in the Danikil Depression Ethiopia offers a huge variety of scenic terrains.

Ethiopia is the only African country aside from Liberia that has retains it’ssovereignty as an independentAfrican nation. This politically stable country has one of the today’s fastest growing economies. Ethiopia has over 80 million people and more than 80 unique languages.  This kaleidoscope of humanity is rich in matchless cultures, dress, dance, food, and architecture.

We warmly open our doors to all visitors who are enthusiastic to learn about Ethiopia’s culture, history, people and art.

East Africa Eco Tour is much more than just a tour operator

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